Graph showing sand-free and sand-prone pressure regimes, plotted as a function of reservoir pressure over the life of a well
Correlation between thick-walled cylinder (TWC) strength and unconfined compressive strength (UCS) derived from laboratory testing of core


We provide sand prediction analyses based on foot-by-foot assessment of log-derived mechanical properties and the in situ stresses, tied closely to reservoir sand strength measurements from laboratory tests. Our StressWell tool permits sand failure assessments using all three principal stresses, transformed into wellbores or perforations of any orientation.

  1. Bullet    Models to predict onset of sanding

  2. Bullet    New aspects of current sand prediction models

  3. Bullet    Cavity completions in weak sands (Joint Industry Project phases 1,2,3)

  4. Bullet    Advanced sand predictions for casing/perf or fracpack completions

  5. Bullet    Geomechanics template for selecting and testing cores

  6. Bullet    Rock mechanics of weak sands