The company provides geomechanical assurance for a range of problems (and benefits) caused
by reservoir compaction, using its StressMan software. Potential geomechanical trainwrecks arising from mudline subsidence, permeability loss, casing failure and sand production can be assessed early in the design phases of reservoir development, using this risk-based screening tool. Productivity losses in weak or naturally fractured reservoirs can be predicted and even avoided using StressMan’s proactive approach. Eight modules are available:

  1. Bullet  Subsidence

  2. Bullet  Fault Activation

  3. Bullet  Casing Crushing

  4. Bullet  Compaction Drive

  5. Bullet  Reservoir Yield

  6. Bullet  Permeability Loss

  7. Bullet  Sand Production

  8. Bullet  Casing Stability


The screening tool uses
a Monte-Carlo-based method to predict the likelihood of each
problem arising during


the production life of a reservoir. If StressMan indicates a high-risk for a particular problem, we may recommend additional analyses to quantify the problem in greater detail.